We Will Travel Again

    Your next adventure is not cancelled, just postponed.

    In these uncertain times, we don’t know when it may be safe to take our next journey. But many of us are counting down the days until we’re able to set off on a new adventure. We know we will travel again.

    This conviction could be the result of having been confined to home for too long. Perhaps being denied the option of going further than the grocery store for an indeterminate period has driven us travel-crazy, longing to visit somewhere – anywhere! – and mingle with people. However, the yearning to travel seems to go deeper than that: it’s a reflection of our desire to explore new destinations, experience new adventures, expand our horizons, learn new things (about ourselves and others), and escape our everyday lives.

    It’s also an opportunity to create memories that will last a lifetime. That is certainly one explanation for the growth in multi-generational vacations – a trend we expect to continue once travel gets the green light again. There’s nothing like separation from the ones you love to reinforce the desire to share meaningful experiences together.

    A return to travelling may start off slowly, with many of us exploring closer to home rather than venturing to other continents. However, travel to more distant lands will eventually return, once we are confident that initiatives are in place to safeguard our health, both in destination and as offered by suppliers. We are already seeing airlines and cruise ships implementing more stringent measures to protect passengers.

    Now is not the time to travel. Nevertheless, while travel has had a setback, it will make a comeback. It’s an important part of our innate need to experience more than what we know.